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Regular Stuff:

  1. Home Page - This page.
  2. Stuff for Sale (or trade) - Some stuff I'm trying to sell (or trade).
  3. Links - A bunch of links pointing to sites I think are real interesting.
  4. Changes - This page simply tells you what - in general - I may have changed on my site.
  5. Windows Info - Some basic Windows information.

Unix Info:

  1. Unix Notes - A bunch of Unix (mostly HP-UX) notes I've put together over the years supporting Unix workstations and servers.
  2. Build an HP-UX server - How to build an HP-UX server.
  3. Ignite Notes - How to use HP's Ignite software to build an HP-UX server or workstation.
  4. GSP Notes - Some HP-UX GSP information.
  5. inetd.conf and inetd.sec Notes - Info about the /etc/inetd.conf and the /var/adm/inetd.sec files. This is (yes, you guessed it) the HP-UX version.

Comic Book Stuff:
Ok... I'm bragging here. I bought this Detective Comics #29 way back in 1975ish for $60. Yep, that's right - $60. I picked up issue 28, 29 and 30 for $180 total. Oh my GOD they were in great condition. I actually had enough sense to take this real lousy picture back then. Yes, I was really reading the thing. I just found the picture. I had to put it up just to brag. And no I don't have any of those comics anymore (had to eat ya know).

I developed this site so please send comments to dburton3@tampabay.rr.com. Thanks!

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Ok.. so I put this waaay down at the bottom of this web page. I don't expect anyone to actually toss a buck or two my way as a thank you for all the work I've done on this site (Hmmm... feel guilty yet?), but it sure would be nice.

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