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When I make a change or addition to any of my Web pages, I've wondered if anyone could tell what in the heck was changed. I know I wouldn't be able to tell if I hadn't actually made the changes in the first place. So... here's my "Change" page. I'll put down the basics of what was changed or added and maybe a link to the actual spot (or close to it), where the change/addition was made.

Like all my other pages, if you see something wrong please let me know so I can fix it.

What was changed or added
    I would like to thank "Roger R" (I probably should not show full names - not sure how that works when putting someone else's name on the internet), for pointing out some grammar errors on my part. I may have worked with some incredible Tech Writers back in my Technical Illustrating days but I am by no means a Tech Writer. Nor am I an editor (thank God for spell checking). Anywho, I **DO** appreciate the gooder help and feel I should say it someplace - like here for example.

    So Thanks Roger. I do appreciate the heads up (and the changes I just made to my Server Build page).

    Changed a lot of stuff up to the "Add nosuid info in /etc/fstab lines" area of my Server Builds page. Pretty much everything up to that point is up to date - finally.
    Changed a lot of stuff up to the "Configure Syslog logging to another server" area of my Server Builds page. Pretty much everything up to that point is up to date - finally. Almost forgot - updated all the files shown in the CRON area as well.
    Changed a bit of the wording at the beginning of my Server Builds page. Also on this page I updated the GSP info. I now show the old(er) and new(er) GSP steps you may need to perform at the beginning of your server build.
    Same changes as mentioned two places below this one (09/26/2011). Added the cool map page counter and made the QR code smaller on my 4 Sale, Inetd, Links, Unix Notes, and Windows pages.
  • Updating my Server Builds page. It's still being worked on (will it ever end?) and will take some time until I'm finished. I'm double checking the Ignite/Build part. Other changes will be made as well but will take some time for me to get to - sorry.
    Made some minor changes to some pages. This will happen to all of them at some point so I'll just say it this one time.

  • Made the QR codes a bit smaller. Why I didn't do that in the first place is beyond me.

  • Put the cool map page counter (along with the other page counter) down at the bottom of the page. This one points out were the hits are coming from. Pretty cool but will not be as impressive as, say, a Google page. I do not get as many hits as I used too. Then again, if I actually updated this beast now and then maybe....
  • Added the QR Code at the bottom of each page.
  • Added the FaceBook - Recommend - thing (at the top left side) to all the pages.
  • For some strange reason I had to figure out what a Yottabyte was and then how long it would take to xfer data using a 56k modem.
    Look here for the results: Unix Notes
  • Added the Google code on all my pages. It will search my web site (it's on the bottom of the page).
  • Grrr..... stinkin iFrames don't work the way I like. Time to fix... everything... I did with stinkin iFrames. Did I say "Grrr....". I also added the W3C logo/link.
  • Changed a bunch of internal stuff in the HTML code for the Windows page. Now using iFrames. Makes it easier to edit some of this stuff.
  • Changed a bunch of internal stuff in the HTML code for the following pages: Unix Notes, Ignite, Sever Build and Inetd pages. Nothing yet (sorry) on the overall content.
  • Made minor modifications to the GSP page. Nothing to the overall content, just the internal stuff like the hit counter, etc. I do not have access to the newer HP servers which makes my ability to update the GSP info (if there is any) more difficult to accomplish.
    Hint: Anyone want to send me an Itanium server so I can update this beast? Oh! Oh! And the 11.31 O/S?
  • Decided to get rid of the Interleaf/Quicksilver page. Also decided to change this page to a Web change page instead of just Unix changes. It seemed appropriate.
  • Well, I can't remember if I made changes or not since the last entry. It's been a while. So here I am making changes to the Home, Changes and Links pages. The Unix stuff is coming. Honest.
  • Added a bunch of stuff to the Unix Notes page. Changed the Table of Contents a bit. More to come.
  • Minor changes (to many spaces and a typo) to some text in the Server Builds page.
  • Reworded some text in the TCPwrappers area on my Sever Build page.
  • Added some additional sendmail checking and check the snmp.conf file both in my Sever Build page.
  • Had to add the floppy conversion. I just had too. Unix Notes page.
  • Added the Java "Top" piece and the PayPal thing to the Unix Notes page.
  • Added a bunch of stuff all over the page. More to come. Sorry I can't be more exact.
  • Added the Java "Top" piece and the PayPal thing to the GSP, Ignite and the Inetd pages.
  • Added the generic login and password used on a GSP. Oddly enough, I did this in my GSP page under "Command line fun".
  • Thought it would be a good idea to add the generic GSP login and password info onto my Server Build page.
  • Has it really been a year since I updated anything? Oh wait... I did update stuff but I guess I didn't update this beast. Yeah... I'll go with that. Anyway, I'm in the middle of adding a java script (if you want to call it that), on just about all my pages. It's that goofy "Top" thing at the lower right hand corner. This way you and I can get to the top of the page easier. Sorry it's a bit hard to see sometimes. The rest of the text on the page may get in the way.
  • I also put at the very bottom of some pages my begging for money (but comic books older than 1970 would be nice too). You now can make donations to me. I'd like to tell you I'm a non-profit organization. Heck, I'd like to tell you I'm a for-profit organization. Actually I get no profit at all from these web pages (hmmm... maybe somebody will hire me).
  • Ok, on with the other additions/changes... I added the setboot command to my Server Build doc. Go to the Post O/S Installation section and scroll up three lines or so. It's there. I also added a note to the Tighten up file permissions and ownership section.
  • Added info about checking the GSP on my GSP page.
  • Added info about resetting the GSP on my GSP page.
  • Changed the square bracket numbering in the NDD section of my Server Build page.
  • Had to remove a bad link in the Ignite page.
  • Added instl_boots and medusa info and added /var/adm/inetd.sec info to inetd.conf Info page.
  • Fixed some spelling errors (how did they get thar?) on all my Unix pages. OK, so I use Notepad or VI in order to change my pages. Can you say "Spell Check"?.
  • Changed the wording a bit in order to explain myself a bit better (more gooder). Also added port and application info to: inetd.conf Info page.
  • Added command line reset information and a link to my Server Build page in case you want to configure the GSP web console. All this on my GSP Info page.
  • On my Server Build page I changed the order when building a mirrored drive (at the bottom of the page). Check the drive *after* you add diag stuff. I removed the Predictive part due to it not being supported any more. Put in a little info about roots home directory (/root instead of /), at the beginning of the page.
  • Added some links to Unix Notes page. Got rid of the "PC Stuff" section. Added the "Other CDE stuff" section.
  • Forgot to add the "1" to the security_patch_chk cron line so it fires off on Monday instead of everyday. DOH!!! It's located in my Build an HP-UX server page.
  • My buddy Jim Dunn had a better Super Dome picture so I snagged it and changed out the one I originally had on my Unix Notes page.
  • Added some basic Veritas info to: Unix Notes.
  • Added a way to get more CPU info: Unix Notes.
  • Added a Super Dome picture near the top of: Unix Notes. Sorry it's not a nicer picture.
  • Moved the location of the "changes" note and added a "add my page to your Favorites" piece - both near the top, and added the only HP Sys Admin Cert logo I could find to the bottom of: Unix Notes, Build an HP-UX server, Ignite, GSP Info, and inetd.conf Info pages.
  • Added a way to find what depots you have on your server to: Unix Notes
  • Fixed typo's in: Build an HP-UX server
  • Changed "Changes to" link (and heading) to "Sendmail stuff" because I'm adding general sendmail info. It's not just about the file anymore in: Unix Notes
  • Added "Other OnlineJFS stuff" items to: Unix Notes
  • Added "Check CDE configuration" to: Unix Notes
  • Gave more detail about kernel changes and creation to: Unix Notes
  • Added the info to remove a patch or software depot in: Unix Notes
  • Added another way to check for configured filesets in: Unix Notes
  • Added the "copy_boot_tape" info to: Ignite

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