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The following are, in my opinion, very interesting sites.

Dougs: A whole mess of them. What a cool name.
Safetyplay: Have your playground checked to see if it's safe. Apparently there's allot to check, and this guy knows his stuff.
Comic Book Conventions: Find a Comic Book Convention.... then go and have some fun. Or go to the best one in the Tampa Bay area
Spawn/Todd McFarlane: If you like Spawn, you'll like this site.
Wildstorm/Jim Lee: If Spawn is here then I have to put Wildstorm Productions.
Dark Horse Comics: Hey.... Dark Horse is here too?
Marvel Comics: The one that started it all (for me).
DC Comics: Hey!!! It's Batman, Superman and other cool characters.
Wizard: A pretty good rag about comics and such.
Comics - Gimme some: Where can I get some comic books? Try here: The Comic Link, Heritage Auctions
The Onion: A real funny site.
How Stuff Works: How Stuff Works.
Darwin Awards: Egads! I can't stop looking......
Do Not Call List: Enter your home or cell phone number into the "National Do Not Call Registry" list or call this number - 888-382-1222.
HP Unix Stuff
Hewlett-Packard: HP products and such.
HP Support (ITRC): HP Support (ITRC) site.
HP Forums: Ask questions of other HP experts or look up questions others have asked.
HP Docs: Great place to look for HP documentation.
HP Software (from HP): Location of free and not so free HP software.
HP FTP sites: Download patches, etc.
Free HP-UX software: Find some really free HP compiled software at these locations (to bad there are no sites in the U.S.): http://hpux.connect.org.uk, or http://hpux.its.tudelft.nl/
HP Parts Lookup: Find some HP parts.
CD Software Index: Index of software that's on a specific HP-UX CD.
HP Customer Education: Get some HP training.
HP Certification: Get HP certified.
HP Visio stencils: Have some drawing fun.
Build a secure HP-UX box: Log into the ITRC and search for the "USECKBAN00000800" document. You will see Kevin Steves "Building a Bastion Host Using HP-UX 11.00". VERY cool stuff.
HP Configurator: Configure the HP server you want to buy.
Other Unix Stuff
SYSADMIN day: Something for all of us.... It's SYSADMIN day. Woo Hoo!
Rosetta stone: The Rosetta stone for Unix commands.
cfg2html: A system configuration gathering script. Puts the output into a nice html file.
The Birth of Unix: A big organizational chart of The Birth of Unix.
NTP: Learn about NTP (time).
SANS Institute: Learn about system security (and a bunch of other security related stuff).
Security Focus: More security stuff.
NMAP and Bugtraq: Scan your systems for open ports. You can also get on the "Bugtraq" email list.
TripWire: More security software.
Snort: Even more security software (it never stops these days).
Center for Internet Security: A good security site to look over.
Check your IP: Check your IP to see if Spammers are using you.
CERT: CERT Coordination Center (CERT/CC) is a center of Internet security expertise, located at the Software Engineering Institute, a federally funded research and development center operated by Carnegie Mellon University.
Nessus: A vulnerability scanner.
Art of Unix Programming: The Art of Unix Programming.
TCPdump: Dump traffic on a network.
Ethereal: Ethereal is used by network professionals around the world for troubleshooting, analysis, software and protocol development, and education.
Sourceforge: Open Source software development website.
Learn about RAID levels: Learn about RAID levels.
Free port scans: Shields UP!!
Linux Security: Info about Linux security.
Subnet info: Learn some networking stuff.
Unix Gurus: A good place to go to for Unix info.
Sed One Liners: Very useful SED commands.
Even more stuff
Time: What time is it?
Weather Info: Pinellas County, Tampa, The weather Channel
Hurricane Info: Get the latest Hurricane info (GULP!). National Hurricane Center, The Weather Underground
Disasters: Find some other disasters (GULP AGAIN!).
Google Search: The advanced search.
Google Image Search: Advanced image search
File Extensions: Find that file extension.
Florida Lottery Numbers: Look those numbers up (and win?).
NASA Lunch info: See when the next launch is. Go outside and check it out. VERY cool.
Tampa Airport Flight Info: Is your Tampa flight on time? Pick your airport (bottom left of page).
Something to look at: It's just plain cool for some reason.
Reptile Stuff: Reptiles in general - Corn snakes anyone - Perhaps some venomous reptiles?
How many of me: How many people have my name (or yours)?
Holidays: Which ones are there and when are they.
My Tiny URLs: http://tinyurl.com/dougburton, http://tinyurl.com/hpux11, http://tinyurl.com/hpuxBuild, http://tinyurl.com/hpuxIgnite, http://tinyurl.com/hpuxGSP, http://tinyurl.com/hpuxInetd
Stupid Email: Places to check those CRAZY emails your family and friends are sending you: Snopes and Urban Legends
Political Fact Check: Get the facts.
Network Speed Tests: Speed Test - 1, Speed Test - 2, RoadRunner Speed Test

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